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THESİS STATEMENT: Responsible parenting cannot only happen with nuclear family because both children with their biological parents or homosexual or adopting parents have positive and negative effects on children’s cognitive, psychological or behavorial development.

TOPİC SENTENCE 1: Despite some people think biological parenting is the best way to raising children; it includes also bad and good effects in context of parental resources,mental health,relationship quality,father involvement.

In text “Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing” we see the examples of these topics in both traditional marriages and fragile marriages.

TOPİC SENTENCE 2: Not being biological parents does not icludes all the negations because the marriages differ from biological parents have also positive and negative effects as biological parents in context of gender identity,physical or mental well-being,parental resourses,father involvement.

“Teachable Moments”- why gay marriages are harmful

“Children in Same-Sex Marriages”- homosexuality is not learned,there is no identity problems

“Do children of gay parents develop differently?”- same-sex parents may be more open to homosexual experimentation, omosexual parents have no differences from heterosexuals.

TOPİC SENTENCE 3: Beside from the advantages and disadvantages of both side, the ideas of people and children are also important about types of marriages and parenting.

“Children in Same-Sex Marriages”- child’s view about her mother’s choice

“Teachable Moments”- Gay parents’ ideas

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  1.   jo Says:

    This looks okay although in terms of wording in the thesis- you say children have an effect on children! Also are you planning to look at all types of families? Single parents, cohabiting parents, biological nuclear family and homosexual parents? Isn’t this a bit too much? I am also not sure about what you are planning to present in the final paragraph. Are you?

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